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Dealer-Shop in Kien Giang

You can buy products and warranty at the following addresses:

(Purchasing experience: You should phone in advance to the store closest to your home and ask for the product code. Because there may be cases where the seller runs out of that product and has not yet entered it)

Chau Thanh : CH Huy Hung

750 KP Minh An , Chau Thanh , Kien Giang

Tel: 0297.6633699 - 0986.233.544

Rach Gia City : CH Shop baby 123

214 Nguyen Trung Truc, City. Rach Gia , Kien Giang

Tel: 077.386.7430 - 0933.77.1234

Rach Gia : CH Huynh Kim Hoang

6 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Rach Soi, Rach Gia, Kien Giang

Tel: 0297.3916.233 - 0913.787882

Tan Hiep office : Minh Son furniture store

125 Kinh B Ward, Tan Hiep Center, Tan Hiep Dist., Kien Giang

Tel: 0919.275.333 - 0297.371.0333

Giong Rieng : CH Loi Phat

Inner area, Giong Rieng Town, Kien Giang

Tel: 0945.939.111 - 0297.365.4477

HT Tan Hiep : CH Kim Dai Phat

No. 2 . KPB . Tan Hiep Center, Tan Hiep District, Kien Giang Province

Tel: 0946.223.422

Ha Kien City : CH Thai Hai

8 Thanh Ward, Dong Ho Ward, City. Ha Kien, Kien Giang

Tel: 0974.202.120 - 077,385.2137

H.Kien Luong : CH Hai Son 2

42 Phan Thi Rang , Kien Luong Town , Kien Luong district , Kien Giang ( Kien Luong market )

Tel: 0901.263.669

TT.Kien Luong : CH Kim Loan

7-8 Cu Xa Moi Residential Area, Kien Luong Town, Kien Giang

Tel: 0913.831.473

Hon Dat : CH Year of Creation

Tri Ton KP, Hon Dat Town, Hon Dat, Kien Giang

Tel: 0918.110.555

Soc Ven : CH Thanh Phat

National Highway 61, Dinh An Trade Center, Soc Ven, Kien Giang

Tel: 0944.044.878

The company is updating the address, phone... of agents, stores...

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