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Microwave shelf, high-class oven shelf Prota, Goda


PT-958: 250,000 VND (Inventory)

PT-970: 310,000 VND

GD-127: 430,000 VND

GD-136: 610,000 VND


PT-959: 290,000 VND

PT-971: 470,000 VND (Inventory)

GD-128: 500,000 VND

GD-137: 720,000 VND (Inventory)


PT-960: VND 295,000 (Inventory)

PT-972: 480,000 VND (Inventory)

GD-129: 520,000 VND

GD-138: 730,000 VND (Inventory)


ke L.jpg

PT-973: 150,000 VND

PT-974: 300,000 VND

Contact phone number to buy this product: 0918.409940 (with zalo)

: 0947.421840 (with zalo)

: 0903.380313

: 0986.493384

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