Prota high-end wooden jigsaw clock set, is a harmonious combination of many materials. The main material of the watch is high-quality natural pine wood, which does not contain toxic substances, does not cause allergies, smooth surface, no edges and absolutely safe for babies. Combined with printing technology, high-tech die pressing from Fomex. Very unique and beautifully designed. Create the safest product for your baby to learn and have fun.

Prota high-end jigsaw wooden clock set:

- Help your baby learn to count Vietnamese numbers, combine English

- Funny and beautiful frog pictures.

- Learn how to tell time, and jigsaw puzzles

- The product has 12 animals, helping children identify animals and pets

- Colorful and shape buttons, help baby recognize colors and geometric shapes. With many bright colors to help stimulate the eyes to create a sense of excitement when playing for children

- High quality vacuum sealed PET tray packaging

- Product size: 22 x 20 x 1cm

- Packaging size: 25.5 x 22.5 x 1.1cm

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Prota high-end jigsaw wooden clock for kids

SKU: PT-995