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Folding hammock frame is a very familiar product in our Vietnamese families. This product has been on the market for several decades. This is a very popular and useful product for the family. However, over a long period of time, most designs do not follow the modern interior development of society.

It is not possible to create a product that is both useful and beautiful and luxuriously decorated in the house. We take inspiration from the houses of Vietnamese people in the country and of Vietnamese people around the world. Meticulous design to the smallest detail, selected materials, precision mechanical processing. Prota's high-quality stainless steel folding hammock frame is a breakthrough in design and quality.


- The frame is manufactured from stainless steel pipe up to 1.4mm thick, the support bars are INOX: 3mm - Anti-rust frame, durable over time

- Genuine Japanese double-head bearings

- The latches are gentle, aesthetic and safe - Plastic parts are made from 100% virgin plastic

- Non-slip buttons, made from 100% virgin TPR plastic, good anti-slip TPR plastic, very durable (This TPR plastic is used as a non-slip base for washing machines.) - Auxiliary parts and screws, bolts... 100% shiny stainless steel over time.

- Mesh hammock is sewn with cool, soft, stretchy mesh material!

Specifications: - Product size: 255 x 75 x 78 cm - Packaging size: 120 x 20 x 15 cm - Weight: 9 kg (including hammock net)

- Allowable load: 180kg

- Warranty: Regarding technical calculations, we will provide a lifetime warranty. However, the value for money of the product is very small. Therefore in order not to affect the financial and liability too great for the company, or the distributors, the retail stores... We only guarantee 5 years

* Shipping charges are calculated automatically in the order for reference only. We will send the exact delivery fee and report back to you, before delivery. Thanks!

Prota premium stainless steel folding hammock frame

SKU: PT-996A
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