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With a factory completely following Japanese technology. Prota hammock-lifting machine is committed to being a superior product in terms of aesthetics, high in technical quality, and diverse in usage features.

- Smooth operation, durable.

- No convulsion with 2 shock absorber springs

- Using 3 bearings: Operate gently, smoothly and save electricity, for the best durability and balance. With technical improvements, the machine will minimize shaking, anti-shock, extremely compact and smooth, without causing discomfort. At the same time save electricity

- Easy to adjust the strong and light amplitude: The Adaptor is built with a wide adjustment range, making it flexible with many speeds

- Safe, economical: The case is made from high quality plastic. Ensure the highest safety. The adapter is made on an automatic line, 100% safe and energy-saving.

- Powerful with a carrying capacity of 95kg: Mother and baby can comfortably enjoy wonderful relaxing moments in the hammock together. And not only mother and baby, every member of the family can use this modern machine to easily get a good night's sleep.

- Radio (FM) and high-end USB music player, independent operation. That means you can turn off the music or Radio (FM) player, when the hammock is working or vice versa, you can turn on the music or Radio (FM) player when the hammock is turned off.

- We want to bring the highest safety for babies and convenience for mothers: Prota high-end hammock swing machine is designed and built not only for a smooth hammock, but also with radio (FM) and premium USB music players. Will bring lullabies, verses, create a good sleep for the baby. Many studies also show that: music stimulates the comprehensive development of the mind and soul of children. Be a great father and mother for your beloved child, with a brand new product Prota hammock machine: "Where I find memories"

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Hammock with FM radio and high-end USB player Prota

SKU: PT-986