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- When the rice cooker is hot, you will be afraid to put the rice rack in the pot. The product is placed on the dining table, with 4 squirrel legs supporting the spoon, the part in contact with the rice will not touch the table.

- You don't need cups or plates to put spoons on

- Squirrel-shaped non-stick rice patch with fancy and hygienic legs will make your kitchen space more lively than ever and taking care of your family meal will become easy. more than ever

- Affordable prices for high-end products.

- Length: 21cm

- White

* Shipping charges are calculated automatically in the order for reference only. We will send the exact delivery fee and report back to you, before delivery. Thanks!

Prota squirrel-free rice spoon

SKU: PT-925
  • - Length: 21cm

    - White

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