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Hammock crib is one of the familiar products in our Vietnamese family. According to historical records, in the world, hammocks have existed since ancient times, in the years BC, used by people for camping trips, explorers, soldiers, for different regions. there are gardens or forests, ships go long days at sea. However, starting in the 1920s, mothers around the world began to popularize the use of hammocks for babies to sleep. To this day, it is an indispensable product for babies and children

We realized the convenience of this device, our company launched a product line: 3-in-1 hammock cradle (both for adults, for children, and automatic). This product has many advantages for customers to prioritize buying hammock cribs, which are:

- Not only a baby cradle, but also can be changed into a swinging hammock for all members of your family! Your child sleeps well, helps him develop comprehensively physically, intellectually and spiritually

- We are passionate about bringing to the market a perfect and high-class hammock cradle. High-end 3-in-1 Prota automatic electric hammock cot, designed and manufactured not only for a quiet cradle, for a good night's sleep, but also a great space for your baby.

- Structure designed with many ball bearings, combined with Prota's high-end hammock machine, helps the cradle to move gently and smoothly.

- Cool crib space design, standard size, elegant design, harmonious colors help your baby have a great space and your room is aesthetically pleasing!

- Production materials are researched and selected, tested for use for a long time, before being released to the market:

+ Stainless steel powder coated iron frame with high strength, good durability.

The fabric is made of high quality material, soft, smooth, non-irritating to baby's sensitive skin

+ The mosquito and insect screen is high-quality mesh fabric and has high ventilation. Helps protect baby's good sleep and health.

+ The hammock net is sewn from high-quality materials.

- Utilities and product specifications:

+ The mesh fabric details of the crib are removable, convenient for cleaning and washing

+ The crib is assembled very easily and conveniently.

- You can take it apart when not in use.

- All product details are neatly packed in cartons, with dimensions: 119 x 57 x 15 cm

- Product specifications:

- Weight of the whole package 13.5 kg

- Material: Fabric, powder-coated iron frame.

- Dimensions of the crib (length x width x height): 95 x 50 x 32 cm

- Packaging size (length x width x height): 119 x 57 x 15 cm

- Color: cradle frame: Blue and pink. Blue hammock net

- Product box includes: 1 crib hammock frame, 1 crib cage frame, 1 net hammock, 1 hammock swing machine

- Be a great father and mother for your baby, with the product: High-class 3-in-1 Prota automatic bassinet.

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Prota premium 3-in-1 automatic electric cradle set + Free jigsaw clock

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