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Dealer-Shop in An Giang

You can buy products and warranty at the following addresses:

(Purchasing experience: You should phone in advance to the store closest to your home and ask for the product code. Because there may be cases where the seller runs out of that product and has not yet entered it)

Long Xuyen : CH Khanh Trang (Baby cradle, hammock machine, 3-in-1 hammock frame, ball house, jigsaw clock...)

26 Ngo Gia Tu, My Long Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang

Tel: 0296.3846234, Mobile: 0919.545567 (Ms. Trang)

Chau Thanh : CH Chi Thanh

Highway 91 An Chau Town, Chau Thanh, An Giang

Tel: 0296.3651.935 - 0908.830.022

Tan Chau : Thuan Kieu

stall 012 area B, Tan Chau market, Tan Chau, An Giang

Tel: 0813.618.931

Phuc Vinh Market : Phuoc Hung Phu

Phu Vinh commune, Tan Chau town, Phuc Vinh market, An Giang

Tel: 0986.789.383

Chau Doc : Vinh Hung

33-35 Suong Nguyet Anh, Chau Doc , An Giang

Tel: 0296,3866.581

Tinh Bien : Son Dao Electrical Machine Center

271/7 Thai Hoa Hamlet, Nha Bang Town, Tinh Bien, An Giang

Tel: 02963.740.444 - 0919.575.111

Tinh Bien : Tien Phat

National Highway 91, Xuan To Commune, Tinh Bien, An Giang

Tel: 0915.776.112

Hoai Son : Hong Khuong

Tan Hiep A Hamlet, Oc Eo Town, Thoai Son District, An Giang Province

Tel: 0939.870.675 - 0868.214.441

H. Thoai Son : Baby Nine

Nguyen Hue, Nui Sap Center, Thoai Son, An Giang

Tel: 0932.894.888 - 0296.387.9265

Tri Ton : My Duyen

Road 3/2, cluster 5, Tri Ton, An Giang

Tel: 0936.566.598

The company is updating the address, phone... of agents, stores...

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