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Machine for sale

Selling cheap flat grinding machine, Japanese detailed grinding machine, new, accurate, optical ruler, optical screen

Flat grinding machine, detailed grinding machine HANAMUKA

Country of manufacture: Japan

Machine information:

- Dimensions of the machine: 1000 X 800 X 1700 mm

- XYZ stroke: 400X200X200

- Magnetic table: 200X100 can be tilted, suitable for sharpening cutting blades

- 0.75kw 3-phase spindle motor, spindle speed 2800v/p

- 0.75kw vacuum motor, speed 2800v/p, with dust filter system

- Optical ruler and optical screen are very new.

- Weight 650kg

- Accurate displacement in Y axis: 0.02mm, Z axis: 0.005mm

Machine is in use. Buy it and use it. The optical screen system and optical ruler are very good. Suitable for workshops that manufacture small, high-precision grinding machines, or workshops with nail clippers for the nail industry...

- Extremely beautiful machine, high accuracy

Price: shock, for people with goodwill to buy

Contact: 0903.380313, machine at, Ba Diem, Hoc Mon

- Status: Still for sale...


The company also sells cheap large format flat grinders

Flat grinder, large detail grinder. Machine for large plates, mold plates.... very ok. Auto 2-way X,Y
Machine information:
- Dimensions of the machine: 1500 X 1000 X 1800 mm
- XYZ stroke: 800X450X400
- Magnetic table: 300X650 is new
- 3-phase spindle motor, spindle speed 2800v/p
- Vacuum motor with a speed of 2800v/p, with a full dust filter system.
Flat plate grinding machine, large size, beautiful, high precision
Liquidation price: 25,000,000 VND. Negotiate much less for those who are willing to buy
Contact: 0903.380313. The machine is near Ba Diem market, Hoc Mon

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