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Taking care of babies in the age of infants and young children is a relatively tiring job for parents. Today there are many devices and products that support this. "Ball house cum crib function", is one of the effective assistants for parents. There are many types of these products on the market today. However, most of these products are very basic, do not guarantee the quality and safety for babies, from materials to structures.

Product: High-class wooden leg structure and ball house Prota has just been introduced to the market, has been tested for children to use for a long time. Has created very high satisfaction in parents. With carefully selected materials:

- Imported high quality tight fabric.

- Breathable, cool, very smooth mesh fabric

- Genuine stainless steel

- High quality mango wood material, safe for babies.

- "A wonderful space for babies", is our commitment for this new product.

+ Modern, luxurious design

+ High quality materials: Wood, fabric, mesh,

+ Product size: 137 x 137 x 62cm

Compare Prota high-end wooden ball houses and other ball houses on the market (mostly imported from China), imported products:

- Made of canvas (very cheap), not as soft and smooth as Prota's high-end tights.

- The net is very hard

- Stainless steel is very thin

- Most are made of plastic joints (recycled plastic), very fragile and very unsafe for babies.

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Prota premium ball house

SKU: PT-994